The Strength of Weak Ties CD


Lotus's 2006 studio album.

  1. Tip Of The Tongue
  2. Kesey Seed
  3. Bubonic Tonic
  4. When H Binds To O
  5. Long Legged Stumble
  6. Drunken Giraffe
  7. Epidemic
  8. Blue Giant
  9. Cirrus
  10. Sprout To Vine


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"This Philadelphian dance quintet are intent on creating a new genre (few try that these days)...It is rock, and smart-disco, funk and soul, piano pop, world music, and modern alienation stuff and jazz fusion you can dance to all wrapped up in cellophane." - Big Takeover Magazine

"In this new terrain in which lie endless creative possibilities, Lotus continue to expand upon is post-everything rock/electronic/jazz/free-form pastiche... Never ones to cobble together a few grooves and wank, the band take their gallant jams to an otherworldly plane." - Big Shot Magazine

"The Strength of Weak Ties marks an exciting stylistic evolution for one of the jamtronica scene’s reigning princes." -

"Smart and inventive, this album should appeal to a wide cross section of listeners." -