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DVD: Live at Red Rocks September 19, 2014


Lotus' first full concert film, Live at Red Rocks September 19, 2014. The concert features the Talking Heads Deconstructed first set with guest Gabe Otto singing Talking Heads songs done in Lotus' signature style and a second set of Lotus originals.

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Set I: Moonrocks, Found a Job, I Zimbra >This Must Be the Place, Girlfriend is Better, Pull Up the Roots, Warning Sign > Crosseyed and Painless

Set II: Kodiak, Suitcases, The Oaks, Its All Clear to Me Now > Spiritualize, Blacklight Sunflare, Age of Inexperience,

Encore: Sunset of the Giant Dipper, Once in a Lifetime

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Additional Info

Newly remixed and re-mastered audio of the show:

Video Production by NOCOAST -                                                                                                                     Audio mixing and mastering - Jesse Miller
Directed and edited by Jesse R. Borrell
Videography by Jesse R. Borrell, Tobin Voggesser, Jeffery Garland, Zack Littlefield, Nick Stock, Travis Loving, Sam Joos
Production assistance by Jaime DuMont, Jessie Porterfield, Spencer Masters
Still Photography by Dylan Langille - OntheDL Photography
Technical assistance by Peter Borrell - The Tech Guru

DVD Produced by Lotus, NoCoast and

Guest Musicians:
Gabe Otto - vocals, guitar
Mike Healy - percussion

Touring crew:
Evan Bates - Front of House engineer
Padraic McQuillan - monitor engineer
Scott Huston - lighting designer
Rob Hendry - lighting tech
Sean Garahan - tour manager