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Monks Vinyl


2013 hip-hop album featuring Lyrics Born, Gift of Gab and more.

1. Monk (Young)
2. He Ain’t Well – ft. Ozay Moore 3. Cannon in the Heavens – ft. Lyrics Born and Chris Vos (Record Company)
4. Great Molasses Flood
5. Deep Inside the Mothership – ft. CX
6. Different Dream – ft. Mr. Lif and Jay Lapp (Steel Wheels)
7. Pitched to the Fire
8. Another World – ft. Gift of Gab
9. In the Shadow of Towers
10. Follow Me – ft. Mane Rok and Xencs L. Wing
11. Atlas Slugged
12. Simplify Unwind – ft. Mr. Lif
13. Four Tips – ft. Ras Arcane
14. Bow Out
15. Cloud 9 – ft. Doodlebug and Ras Arcane
16. Monk (Old)




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