Hammerstrike CD and Vinyl

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Vinyl - 2 x 12" black. New pressing 2016 edition of 500.


1. Behind Midwest Storefronts

2. Age of Inexperience

3. Hammerstrike

4. Bellwether

5. Modicum

6. Invincibility of Youth

7. One Last Hurrah

8. Alkaline

9. Turquoise

10. Disappear in a Blood-Red Sky

Vinyl only

11. Age of Inexperience (LIVE)

12. Invincibility of Youth (LIVE)


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Hammerstrike finds the band reaching back in order to move forward. Primarily recorded live in one room to analog tape by Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man), the album captures a sound that harkens back to the 70's but never slips into nostalgic retreads. The compositions are focused and melodic, filled out with orchestration including swelling violins and cellos, banjo, wordless choirs, and electronic noises. Though the tracks range from dance floor ready rockers to soaring post-rock instrumentals, the album is held together by a sanguine spirit pervading each track. The big guitars, feedback, and distortion serve an optimistic purpose. It is a decidedly American feel that invokes big skies, open roads, and a zealous yet naïve pursuit of the idea that defeat will never be conceded.

2008 studio album Hammerstrike on 12" vinyl. Includes code for high quality MP3 download (320kbps) of album. MP3 download includes bonus tracks Alkaline and One Last Hurrah. 

Credits: Engineered and mixed in Philadelphia by Bill Moriarty. Produced by and additional recordings by Jesse Miller and Luke Miller. Mastered by Allen Douches at West West Side Music. Lacquer cut by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service. Plating by Desmond Naraine at Mastercraft. Pressing by United Record Press. Age of Inexperience, Modicum, Behind Midwest Storefront, Invincibility of Youth, One Last Hurrah, Disappear in a Blood-Red Sky written by J. Miller. Hammerstrike, Bellwether, Turquoise written by L. Miller. Alkaline by L. Miller, J. Miller

Additional musicians: Steve Yutzy-Burkey – vocals on Disappear in a Blood-Red Sky, Turquoise | Krista Nielsen – cello on Behind Midwest Storefront, Invincibility of Youth. Dana Weiderhold – violin on Behind Midwest Storefront, Invincibility of Youth. Thomas “Kypski” Elbers – turntablism on Alkaline. Jay Lapp – vocals on Modicum. Dave Ramsey - trumpet on Turquoise. Fiber art by Kelly Bogan. Layout by Carl Bender. Art direction by Luke Miller. All songs copyright 2008 Lotus. Published by Lotus Vibes Music (ASCAP)