Copy/Paste/Repeat CD


Album of 12 remixes of Lotus tracks by producers including Juan Maclean, DJ Harry, Skytree, Jesse Miller and more.

Copy Paste Repeat: Lotus Remixed

  1. Tip of the Tongue (Broken Mix) - DJ Harry 
  2. Bubonic Tonic - Juan Maclean Remix 
  3. When H Binds to O (Oxidation Mix) - J. Tonal of Lowpro Lounge 
  4.  Suitcases - Scottie B Remix 
  5. Tip of the Tongue - J. Miller Remix 
  6. Livingston Storm - J. Miller Remix 
  7. When H Binds to O (Hydronium Mix) - Skytree 
  8.  Tip of the Dub - Telepath Remix 
  9. Suitcases (Another Sandwich? Mix) - J. Miller 
  10. Travel (Airport Mix) - by Marc Cazorla of the Frequency 
  11. Greet the Mind (Memphis Mix) - by Alex Botwin of Pnuma Trio 
  12. Bubonic Tonic - Lymbyc Systym Remix
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